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Irina Doublianskaia

holds a diploma as an informatics engineer from the famous Novosibirsk Technical University. Until 1999 she was employed at the UNESCO chair, organised conferences and headed projects on sustainable development. She served as senior expert and team leader in Tacis and USAid projects.

Since 2000 she has co-ordinated projects in Central and Eastern Europe, on regional development, cross border cooperation, enviromental subjects and rural tourism, and as well serves as project manager for IT projects.

Living in Germany since 2003, she has served as project manager for technological studies in IT industry, developing project applications and writing tender documents for international consortia of companies, NGOs, and public bodies, forming consortia, supporting investment projects as member of due diligence teams, and facilitating the most often complicated processes of cross-cultural integration in the post-acquisition phase.

Her Russian roots paired with a European style of thinking from long years living and working in both environments allow her to find solutions for solving conflicts before they become critical for the client's business.   

Her working languages are Russian, English, and German. She also knows some French.