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Xeops is an international management consultancy created to assist business and governmental clients in meeting the challenges and opportunities posed by the rapidly changing global markets. Main focus is on Eastern European markets, where the consultants over the years have acquired unique country compentences.  

Xeops was founded by Dr. Klaus Richter of Cologne, Germany, and Eric Fermaud of Lyon, France, both of them bringing in decades in consulting experience with leading European firms.

Xeops is registered in Germany in Cologne (HRB 27141, VAT No. DE 177849595, "Xeops Richter Fermaud GmbH"), in France in Lyon/Paris (Xeops S.A.), in Luxembourg ("Xeops Consulting S.á r.l.), and in Croatia in Zagreb (Xeops d.o.o.). Consultants work from their offices in Luxembourg, Cologne, Lyon, Paris, Zagreb, or other European capitals like Moscow, London, Zurich, Belgrade, Minsk, Kyiv.

Xeops is an international partnership of "associated partners", supplemented case-by-case by "project partners". Associated partners are senior experts in their specific field of competence and run regional consulting businesses under their own name. Acting as an international team of experts in economy, management, audit, public policy, legal affairs and administration they have been  linked together under the "Xeops" brand and code of conduct, in excellence for solving the client's tasks.