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  • Feasibility study and business case for trunked private mobile radio in Germany for an international consortium
  • Build-up of hazardous and toxic waste disposal systems for several Ger-man cities
  • Marketing of satellite services
  • Assessment of business opportunities in telecommunications in a south American country
  • Lobbying for a telecommunications company in Germany
  • Supporting a US company in developing business with DBP Telekom
  • Marketing and sales support for a telecommunications service provider in Russia
  • Implementation of a multi-site office communication network in East Germany
  • Designing a network, incl. LAN, MAN, and WAN, for a large governmental organisation
  • Preparing a bid for the D2 mobile radio license (GSM) in Germany
  • Negotiating net access conditions for a French operator
  • International business development in South American countries for private telecommunications companies
  • Feasibility and corporate development for an alternative network operator in Germany
  • M & A for telecommunications companies