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Public Policy Advice and Privatisation 
  • Member of an advisory council on economic policy
  • SME policy in Russia
  • A nurturing environment for SMEs in German software industry
  • Concepts for privatisation of municipal government services
  • Participation in the deregulation commission in a German state
  • Organisation and management of a municipal government administration
  • Development of a market-economy-oriented regional and local governmental infrastructure in an important economic area in East Germany
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of governmental programs to encourage research initiatives in private industry
  • Organisation and development of an association for economic promotion
  • Privatisation of a public transportation system in an East German state
  • Project management for a governmental structural policy program in the German/Polish Euroregion
  • Restructuring of enterprises prior to their privatisation in the Republic of Moldova (funded by Worldbank)
  • Tourism development plan on Länder level
  • Management and Marketing of Rural Tourism
  • Training courses on economic development for municipal officials in Palestine
  • Support for the Antimonopoly Committee in Ukraine
  • Municipal Management in the Russian Federation (EU funded) 
  • SME Policy Enhancement and Delivery in Croatia (managed by Ingeneria IDOM Spain)
  • Regional Development Strategy in Montenegro